Windshield Replacement Is A Job For Professionals

Doing projects yourself has become the ultimate goal for Mr. Fix-It hobbyists everywhere. From the time that big box stores like Home Depot became household names, and YouTube videos began offering free online tutorials, the traditionally accepted reasons to hire help for the completion of most projects have been disappearing as swiftly as old technology. Yet, when it comes to windshield replacement, different rules may apply.

The reality is that, when it comes to doing it yourself, saving money is not the only factor under consideration. In fact, in many cases, the real motivation is the ability to solve the problem. So, it is simply important to keep in mind that some problems are easier to solve than others.

Every project entails tools, materials, and time. Handyman projects that simply involve wood, nails, and a hammer do not compare to the more sophisticated circumstances encompassing auto glass and water-tight seals. Specifically selected adhesives, required to properly bond and hold the window replacement in position, can be challenging to use.

When adhesives fail to adhere, or hold the moisture lock and correct location of the windshield in its frame, safety can be compromised. In such cases, even after time has been invested in tools, materials, and labor, an auto glass company must be hired to complete an effective installation.

After all, the precise functionality of a windshield is three-fold:

(1) a plastic layer prevents the auto glass from shattering in the event of an impact,
(2) the plastic creates a more flexible barrier from the otherwise rigid glass, protecting
passengers in case an accident occurs, and
(3) the adhesive bond between the windshield and vehicle creates an extension of the roof.

This modernized engineering of vehicle construction, integrating the front window into the protective shell of the car, means that such a part replacement requires more than just sliding a piece of glass into the vacant spot. In fact, many automobiles even link airbag deployment to their windshields these days.

Ultimately, all of these facts demonstrate the wisdom of allowing a professional auto glass dealership to facilitate a windshield replacement. Leaks between the car and auto glass may not only result in road noise and cabin wetness during rainstorms, they could mean the difference between life and death in an accident. The reward of telling friends about accomplishing a handyman windshield repair is miniscule compared to the risk associated with any small miscalculation in the process. It is simply wiser to leave some projects in the hands of professionals.

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