Windshield Repair Process

windshield repairA windshield repair is the process of removing air and debris from a crack or break of a car windshield and injecting a clear resin to fill the void. Once completely filled, the resin is then hardened by exposure to ultraviolet light, restoring strength and preventing the break from spreading further. A car windshield repair can only be performed on laminated glass such as windshields. The resin is inserted in-between the two layers of glass keeping the structure intact.

Most automobile windshields can be successfully repaired if the break is smaller than the size of a business card. A windshield chip repair will not make an impact point fully disappear; however it may cosmetically improve by as much as 60-80%. No two windshield repairs will come out alike. There are many factors that determine the success of a car windshield repair including; type of break, the size, contamination, and the location of the break.


Windshield Pits

If the top layer of the automotive windshield or laminated glass does not break all the way through, than a repair cannot be performed. Sometimes automobile windshields get pitted and the top layer of the windshield does not fully break therefore there is no place to insert the windshield repair resin. However, windshield pits do not run a risk of spreading.


Sand Blasted Automobile Windshields in Phoenix

Some windshields will get extremely pitted overtime due to Arizona’s dirt roads, sand storms, and daily driving in the Arizona desert. Phoenix Windshield Replacement refers to windshields that are extremely pitted to be “sand blasted”. Sand blasted windshields are not repairable and should be replaced. When a windshield is sand blasted it can cause sun rays to extend from these small pits causing the driver of the car to be blinded during certain conditions. These driving conditions are very unsafe for the driver and passengers of the car and should be addressed as soon as possible. Most insurance companies will replace a windshield that has become sand blasted under comprehensive coverage. Many policyholders carry glass endorsements with a $0 deductible on their comprehensive insurance policy without even know it. Therefore, a car windshield replacement would not cost the policyholder anything. In fact, with Phoenix Windshield Replacement, we will pay you $50 instant cash for having your windshield replaced with us. Visit our Windshield Insurance FAQ’s page for more information about your insurance company and windshield replacement claims.


Phoenix Windshield Repair Advantages:

  • Costs much less than a new car windshield replacement
  • Windshield chip repairs can be completed in less than 30 minutes
  • Car windshield repairs do not break the original factory windshield seal
  • Most insurance companies waive deductibles for a windshield chip repair
  • Structural integrity of the car windshield is not compromised
  • Windshield repairs are guaranteed


Risks of a Car Windshield Repair (Most companies will not share this information)

During the windshield repair process the technician will need to apply pressure to the damaged area. During the repair process there is a chance that the windshield can crack-out during the repair process. Although, this does not happen often there is always a potential risk. Typically, your technician can spot rock chips that run a higher risk than others; therefore he will discuss the risk before starting the windshield repair process. Star breaks, combination breaks, and cracks have the highest risks. Your trained technician will do what he can to prevent and stop the break from running further; however, Phoenix Windshield Replacement cannot be responsible if this does occur. You will not be charged for a failed windshield repair. All windshield repair shops and their repair system run the same risks; however, Phoenix Windshield Replacement shares this information before performing windshield chip repairs.


Windshield Repair Procedure:

o             Inspect the car windshield damage and verify if the chip can be repaired

o             Verify windshield repair probability success and discuss with customer

o             Protect interior and exterior of working area

o             Remove debris and air from the windshield break

o             Drill the broken area of the windshield if necessary to inject resin

o             Inject windshield repair resin into break

o             Apply UV light over damaged area to cure sufficiently

o             Remove excess resin from repaired area

o             Polish the windshield break if necessary

o             Clean repaired windshield