Home Window Tint

Home Window TintWhy would you get window tint films? There are many benefits to getting a quality tinting for your windows in your home or office. Window tints help you cut down on the glare that comes through your windows that can obstruct your view of screens or other objects in your home. This can be especially beneficial if sunlight tends to hurt your eyes as well. Tinting can also help you maximize the comfort of your home during hotter seasons because you control the amount of sunlight that gets through. In fact, there are some kinds of tinting that block harmful UV light that can cause damage to your possessions as well as your health. In addition to sun control, tinting can help you preserve your privacy since others cannot look into your home or office as easily as they can with non-tinted windows. Of course, this also leads to energy savings since you are not inclined to waste energy on cranking up the air conditioning. Furthermore, you can even enhance the appearance of your home or office with the right window tint films. Tinting is also a less expensive solution for sunlight control than replacing windows completely and installation is now easier than ever.


  • Keep Cool and Save Money
  • Up to 79% Visible Light Transmittance
  • Variety of Tint Colors
  • Improve Comfort
  • Enhance Visibility and Control Glare
  • Protect against Fading
  • Stylish Alternative to Window Coverings
  • Safety


Call Phoenix Auto Glass and Window Repair to schedule your free in-home estimate and start saving today! A professional sales representative can come to your home and discuss all the available tint options and colors available for your windows. Arizona Window Replacement and Repair can install window tint for your home or business. We use only high quality energy efficient materials by Solargard. Solargard films aid in energy savings by cutting heat gain, reducing hot spots and increasing overall comfort. By having Solargard Window Films professionally installed, you can prevent up to 79% of the sun’s energy from altering the internal environment of your home or office building. To learn more about Solargard tint materials and specifications visit Solargard direct at http://www.solargard.com/



Business & Home Window Film Warranty

What is covered? Arizona Window Replacement and Repair film products are warrant against defects including crazing, cracking, demetallizing, delaminating, or adhesive failure, when the film is properly installed on interior glass surfaces.


Who is covered and how long coverage lasts? For residential installations, the lifetime warranty for the products listed above covers the original purchaser of the film for as long as the original purchaser owns and lives in the home where the film was installed.


  • For commercial installations, the warranty for the products listed above lasts for Dual-ReflectiveDS and DRMPS/DS lasts for ten (10) years from the installation date.
  • Warranty for Black Out and White Matte window film products lasts for five (5) years from installation date.
  • Warranty for Anti-Graffiti window film products lasts for two(2) years from installation date.


What will Arizona Window Replacement and Repair do? If the film exhibits one or more products defects, Arizona Window Replacement will replace the film (labor and materials) at no cost to the purchaser. Arizona Window Replacement will not issue a refund to the purchaser.