Why Pay for Windshield Replacement When You Don’t Have to?

There is nothing more frustrating than falling victim to a falling piece of debris when you are driving on the road. Just because your auto glass is designed to shield you from debris does not mean it is invincible. If a rock, gravel, or tools that fall off of a work truck meet your auto glass at just the right angle, the debris will win every time. Now that you have an ugly crack, what do you do? The obvious answer might be to call a glass company. While the answer is right, you might want to consider calling your insurance company before you pay for window replacement out-of-pocket. Avoid paying for services when you do not have to and find out when your insurance company will pay for you.

Since When Does Your Insurance Cover a Broken Windshield?

If you have paid for windshield replacement in the past, you might be wondering how long insurance companies have been offering glass coverage. Glass coverage has been a part of insurance plans since auto insurance was required to drive. One of the reasons you might now know glass coverage exists is because it is called comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage is an optional cover that drivers are not required to purchase. If you have this cover, your windshield replacement might be on the insurance company.

Will Filing a Comprehensive Claim Affect My Insurance Rates?

If it costs $300 to repair your windshield, you might think that filing a claim is pointless if it is going to raise your rates for 3 years. Insurance companies have no problem with you thinking like this because it will reduce the amount of claims they are required to pay. The truth of the matter is that comprehensive claims are not counted against you and will not affect your premiums. Knowing this should persuade you to file a claim.

Do not spend your last paying for your windshield repair and file a claim to get the repairs done for less. Some insurance companies will charge you a deductible and others will waive the deductible if you are filing a glass claim. Find a company who will help you file your claim and make the process quicker and easier. If you take time to choose the right company, you do not have worry about the cost of the repairs or the process of filing a claim for your replacement.

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