Why A Quality Windshield Replacement Job Is So Important

Windshield replacement is obviously something nobody wants to have done, but it can be essential. The problem is that there are so many companies that offer this service, and therefore picking the best one is often a hassle. However, when you are educated about the process, you will be able to find the best glass company relatively easily.

Replacement is very important, and getting a good job done is critical. The truth is, the windshield is one of the most important parts of the vehicle. One of the reasons is that is that it plays a huge role during a crash in terms of keeping the driver and passengers safe. For instance, when you roll the car, the windshield actually absorbs as much as 60% of the impact before it collapses. Therefore, a well designed windshield actually prevents the top of the vehicle from collapsing on those inside.

In addition, it is responsible for nearly 50% of the structural strength when you are involved in a front end crash. If the windshield replacement is not done properly, the windshield could actually get dislodged when you crash. This again will cause the roof to collapse.

But it does not stop there.

A poor windshield replacement job can actually prevent the airbags from deploying properly. The airbags tend to look for the path of least resistance during a crash. Therefore, if the job done was not up to par, then the glass will get dislodged. Due to this, the airbags will have nothing to prevent them from deploying outside the front of the vehicle. This can lead to serious injury, because you risk colliding with the dashboard or even flying out of the car and slamming into the pavement or another vehicle.

The windshield has to perfectly fit your vehicle.

All vehicles are slightly different in terms of windshield size and curvature. Therefore, a windshield that was made for a Chevy Malibu cannot also work with a Honda Civic, even though both cars are similar sizes. If it does not conform exactly to your vehicle, the windshield will not have the strength needed to handle pressure. Even if it looks good under normal circumstances, the quality of the installation will show up during a crash. This is because heavy pressure exerted on the windshield will cause it to dislodge, thus risking the entire structural integrity of the vehicle.

In other words, make sure that any windshield replacement quote you get from a glass company is for the specific kind of glass your vehicle requires. Some firms might give you an estimate quote based on a generic windshield, but the price actually could be a lot higher if they have to special order it. This is particularly true if you have an exotic car. Therefore, press them on the issue, and ask if the price you are getting is for your specific vehicle or not.

How to find the best company

Make sure you read reviews about any glass company you are considering, and see what kind of experiences past customers have had. It might be worthwhile to pay a bit more for a quality job than to just go with the cheapest company. You could even check with the Better Business Bureau if you cannot find anything about them online. Get at least 3-5 price quotes before deciding on which company to go with.


Windshield replacement is a very important job. Most people do not realize how critical a quality windshield is, because in everyday driving situations there is no noticeable difference. However, you will definitely notice a poor installation if you get in an accident. Use this knowledge to make an informed decision on which windshield replacement glass company to go with.

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