Understanding The Windshield Repair Process

Although many windshield replacement professionals make the process of replacing a windshield seem like a simple task, there are actually many steps that are involved towards ensuring that you receive high quality results. Because most people only use auto glass services to repair and replace their windshields, most people do not realize the amount of workmanship that is associated with the procedure.

Initially, some services will want to check for any other damage that may exist before they begin on the installation of your new windshield. As they set up for the repair, your vehicle will be covered in certain places to prevent possible future or further damage while handling the repair. First, your original auto glass will need to be removed from the vehicle, including any moldings, trim, wipers, and the cowl. Because damaged glass doesn’t often remove as easily as you may imagine, the service personnel will use a special knife to help them remove the glass.

The new auto glass will need to be sized accordingly to fit into your vehicle. For a proper fit, the original urethane from your previous auto glass fitting will need to be cut down. Urethane is used as a seal to keep your windshield in place during use. Debris from cutting will be removed by the service personnel afterward. To ensure that the windshield is the right size, it will be tested on your vehicle without any seal applied before it is installed. A urethane sealant is then selected for the installation. The type of urethane that is used can depend on the circumstances, such as the current temperature, how long you can wait before using your car again, humidity, and even the presence of your air bag. Because of the typical weather in Phoenix, Arizona most services choose a urethane that will be able to handle the dry conditions within the area. Primer will be applied to the appropriate areas and the inside portion of the glass will be cleaned prior to installation. The windshield is also prepared by cleaning and wiping the edges with a special glass solution. Primer and urethane are then applied to the edges as well.

The replacement windshield is set in place and adjusted so that it is centered with the vehicle. The service will then install new moldings to further help set it in place correctly. Your windshield wipers and the cowl will be replaced, as well as anything else that was removed to perform the windshield replacement on your vehicle. Service personnel will then check the windshield replacement for proper installation and the occurrence of any air leaks. The vehicle is cleaned up and you will be given instructions about how to care for your vehicle after the installation. Generally, you will be advised not to use your vehicle for a certain period of time until your windshield is finished fully setting.

There are many quality auto glass services in the area which will perform these exact tasks while providing you with a windshield replacement. When you have a better understanding of the steps that are involved with these services, you will have an appreciation for the workmanship that is involved and also know how to detect a quality installation from the services that you have chosen.

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