Top 10 Questions asked when Filing an Auto Glass Insurance Claim in Phoenix

Common questions asked during the claim process of an Arizona auto window replacement no fault insurance claim.

What is the name of the policyholder ? Some of the insurance providers only take the automobile windshield replacement claim from the named inured on the policy..

What is your policy number? Some of the insurance providers have diverse policy numbers for each car listed. State Farm is one of those insurance companies .

What piece of glass got damaged? (Car windshield, Vent Glass, Door Glass, Back Glass Quarter Glass,)

What are the damages beside glass? If there were any other damages beside your glass (such as body damage)  then you  may be required to pay the comprehensive deductible as required by the policy.

Did any person get hurt because of the damages?

Did you file a windshield claim with your insurance provider before now? If you only talk to your insurance representative and if there are no other damages there will be no claim number and therefore the answer is no.

When did the windshield loss occur? The insurance company can’t pick the date of damage for you. If you don’t know the exact time when the damage occurred, state the time when you noticed the damage for the first time or the date when the break spread. Be sure that your coverage wasn’t expired on the date of damage. Remember, if you mention the date of car windshield damage in the past which is longer than 6 months or so, the insurance firm may have to collect the information regarding this which will take more time and your windshield replacement claim will be postponed .

In what state did the damage take place? Typically, the answer is in Arizona.

What is the dimension of the damaged area on the windshield? Is it greater than the size of a paper dollar bill? If the answer is yes, then your insurance organization will request that you have the windshield repaired versus replaced. It is not clear who will has the final say; you, Arizona Department of Transportation, insurance carrier, or the automobile glass shop. However, we believe that you still have the right to choose. (After all, you pay for the coverage)

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