Tips on Choosing Your Auto Glass

If you have experienced an accident or had a break in, then the chances that one of your car windows was damaged in the process are pretty high. When such an accident occurs, glass installation is a must before getting your car back on the road. One of the reasons car windows shatter so severely during accidents is if the wrong type of glass was installed. When getting a window replacement ensure you get the best quality glass, as it can withstand harsh weather and will not smash to smithereens during an accident.

A lot of times people have a problem deciding which type of auto glass to buy. If you purchase stamped and approved auto glass from an automobile dealership, then the glass is sourced from the original manufacturer. If you drive a Merc and want your windows to display the Mercedes logo, then try dealer auto glass.

Glass that is made to the exact specifications as your car’s original glass is called Original Equipment Manufactured or OEM glass. Although it is basically identical to your car’s original glass, it is not manufactured by the same company that manufactured the original windows in your car and for this reason, some people are skeptical about using it, but the advantage here is that it will be cheaper.

Aftermarket Auto Glass is considerably cheaper because it comes from companies that do not have any legal contract with the auto company and it does not have the same specifications as the original glass. For this reason, the glass is thinner and does not at all guarantee your safety.

If you use this type of Windshield Replacement on a leased car, then the car dealership will not accept the vehicle when you return it. For improved safety, OEM is a good option, provided you are comfortable not having your car’s logo on the glass. It is certified to be of the same specifications and will keep you safely shielded.

Installation prices may differ a little so if you want a good bargain, then you will have to call a few dealers for a price quote and ensure you have a professional install it so it holds. To ensure you only get material from a good Glass Company, ensure you check the auto repair shop’s reputation, or better still, ask your friends where they get their car windows replaced.

If the mechanics that you go to have never worked on your car model before, then they may not have the skills to install the glass, so ask for recommendations of experienced and trusted dealers.

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