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Tata Motors: The firm that cares for you

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

Tata is a single correct Indian company that cares for its country and its citizens. As a mark of innovation and compassion, Tata Magic India comes as a boon to poor India.

Magic transpires right here truly, an auto from the workshop of the Tata motors which can alter the way people travel in the rural & also the city sector, introduced not too long ago and has priced at a first rate Rs 260000/- onwards ( Ex Showroom cost Pune).

It ’s tough to match this auto in any section therefore it can make it area in a new individual segment for alone. It could be witnessed from the automobiles platforms alone that it is centered on the Tata Motor’s business automobile Ace, just like Tata Magic India, Ace also has a 700 cc four stroke Indirect diesel engine which generates a highest power torque of 16bhp at 3200 rpm and optimum torque of 38Nm @ 2000rpm.

The vehicle has a fuel container capability of 30 liters, and has 5 gear manual transmission mechanisms. The company gave Tata Magic a calm and simpler generate system which housed entrance disc brakes, & rear drum brakes, though the choice of electrical power steering is not offered nevertheless the driving is very comfy.

The specifications of the motor vehicle are like: Length of 3790mm, width of 1500mm and a peak of 1845 mm. It has a turning round of 4.30m with a parabolic leaf spring suspension program.

Generally a seven seater with 4 wheels, it would certainly grow to be people’s selection to journey, in comparison to the insecure 3 wheeler, which is un-economical too as Tata magic presents a mileage of 20 kmpl in metropolis situations on diesel.

Tata motors has always ventured into unproclaimed domains and created them there’s. It would seem very evident that Magic would be certainly people’s favourite in make a difference of no time & Magic would extend the unexplained fact of Achievement tale at the rear of the Tata Motors.