Free Chip Repairs w/ any New Windshield Replacement

rock chip repairPhoenix Windshield Replacement offers free mobile rock chip repair for the lifetime of your newly installed windshield. That’s right, after your new windshield is installed and you later pick-up a rock, Phoenix Windshield Replacement will come back to you and repair it for FREE. This offer applies to all windshield replacements regardless if your going through your insurance or not. We will not charge you or your insurance company for your rock chip repair.


Phoenix Windshield Rock Chip Repair Benefits:

  • It’s free with any new windshield replacement
  • Saves the car windshield from having to be replaced
  • Windshield rock chip repairs can be completed in less than 30 minutes
  • Car windshield repairs do not break the original automobile windshield seal
  • Windshields structural integrity is not compromised


A windshield rock chip repair is the process of removing air and debris from a crack or break of a car windshield and injecting a clear resin to fill the void. Once completely filled, the resin is then hardened by exposure to ultraviolet light, restoring strength and preventing the break from spreading further. A automobile windshield repair can only be performed on laminated glass such as car windshields. The repair resin is inserted in-between the two layers of glass keeping the structure intact.

Most automobile windshields can be successfully repaired if the break is smaller than the size of a business card. A windshield rock chip repair will not make an impact point fully disappear; however it may cosmetically improve by as much as 60-80%. No two rock chip repairs will come out alike. There are many factors that determine the success of a rock chip repair including; type of break, the size, contamination, and the location of the break.

If the top layer of the car windshield or laminated glass does not break all the way through than a repair cannot be performed. Sometimes car windshields get pitted and the top layer of the windshield does not fully break therefore there is no place to insert the windshield repair resin. However, windshield pits do not run a risk of spreading.