Windshield Replacement Safety Tips

replacement auto glassReplacement Auto Glass Safety for your Family

  • Find a trained, qualified, and insured windshield replacement shop
  • Find a shop that utilizes a fast-curing automotive grade urethane
  • Find a shop that is aware of windshield contamination dangers
  • Find a shop that knows proper glass handling and pinch weld preparation


Trained Replacement Auto Glass Repair and Replacement Shop

Finding a trained replacement auto glass shop is crucial to achieving a proper windshield replacement. Phoenix Windshield Replacement is a proud member of the National Glass Association (NGA). Phoenix Windshield Replacement is properly insured and certified for replacement auto glass and repair. At Phoenix Windshield Replacement, you can count on your technician to be properly trained, professional, and concerned about your safety. In addition, your technician will go over all post installation instructions including; safe drive-away times, automobile warranties, and auto glass care instructions with you when the job is complete.


Fast Curing Windshield Urethane

The automotive urethane chosen by an auto glass shop is the single most important factor in replacement auto glass safety. The urethane is the bonding agent between the automobiles windshield and the pinch weld.  If this bond fails, your car windshield could come loose causing your life to become in danger. Many automotive adhesives have long safe drive-away times, meaning once the car windshield is installed the automobile cannot be safely driven for several days. At Phoenix Windshield Replacement, we use only high quality urethanes that are safe, reliable, and have been crash tested to exceed rigorous federal safety standards. Additionally, we only use automotive grade adhesives that are fast drying to keep your safe drive-away time to a minimum. This safe drive-away time is approximately one to three hours.


Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are an industry standard. They are an important part to keeping your car windshield bond free from contamination. Phoenix replacement auto glass technicians are required to wear nitrile gloves during the windshield installation process to keep your glass seal free from any oils that can cause adhesive separation. Furthermore, our replacement auto glass technicians are aware of this policy and are educated on the importance of bond adhesion.


Rust Free Automobile Windshield Pinchweld

Another integral part of a  replacement auto glass is assuring that any present rust that is found on your automobile pinch weld is removed and any scratches are treated. Any scratches that go untreated can turn into rust on the pinch weld causing a break in the windshields urethane seal. This break can cause the car windshield adhesion to fail upon impact, placing your life in danger. Our replacement auto glass technicians are highly trained in proper adhesive products including all required primers to keep your pinch weld rust free.