Renting Cars And The Golden Rules

There are so many reasons why someone would choose to rent a car these days. But you need to follow the golden rules of car hire no matter why you have chosen to rent a car. The following are some of the things you need to think about in terms of car rental


  • Check with your own car insurance company to see if you are covered for the rental car with your existing car insurance policy. Most of these agents will try to convince you that you need extra insurance they can make a lot of money this way. But if you are covered already by the policy that you have then you will be wasting your money with extra insurance. Do not just put your trust in the car hire representative but instead speak directly to your insurer.


  • Be clear about any millage limit on the car. The bigger companies tend to have unlimited millage but some of the smaller companies will have a limit. Going over the mileage limit on a rental car could mean that you have to pay penalties. Make sure you find out before you drive away because there could be a limit hidden in the contract that you are unaware of; don’t expect the car rental agent to bring it to your attention.


  • Do not make the mistake of taking your rental car back to the agent late. Even if you are minutes late, you could find that the company will charge you for an extra day so it is better to be a little bit early.


  • Check to see if you are expected to fill the car with petrol before returning it. If you bring the car back and it is empty you may be charged to have it filled again. If the car rental company charges you for a full tank of petrol then this is likely to be much more than it would have cost you if you had filled it up at a petrol station.


  • It is always best if you can reserve your car at least a week or two in advance.


Many underlying factors can have you scrambling about for USA car hire. You might find you will need a vehicle whilst on holiday vacation abroad. And of course, depending on your location you might be searching for car rental Florida.

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