Low-Cost Windshield Replacement And Repair Seldom Succeed

The cheapest price for windshield replacement or auto glass repair might be justified in certain circumstances, but most times price-shopping is a bad idea. An experienced glass company can restore the safety functions windshield replacement should meet at reasonable prices. Cheap price quotes are seldom beneficial because consumers will pay the price eventually. Poor fittings can cause leaks and interior damage when unqualified installers perform windshield replacement. Loose windshields can pop out in an accident, and passengers can be ejected from the vehicle, or they may lose the protection of safety equipment such as airbags. There are times when the cheapest price may be reasonable, however. Travelers who are away from home may need a quick fix to avoid safety-violation tickets, and quick repairs may help drivers pass inspection until they can replace the windshields. If the windshield is already damaged, then a quick repair may improve vision sufficiently to drive home.

Price quotes for windshield replacement are seldom that expensive anyway, ranging from $100-$400. The industry is competitive due to strict insurance company monitoring, so consumers should seek the best qualified technicians to ensure family safety. Auto glass insurance can reduce the price to zero, because many companies do not consider glass coverage a claim and do not apply the deductible to auto glass replacement. In fact, four states have laws that prohibit any deductible for windshield replacement: Kentucky, Florida, South Carolina and Massachusetts.

Repair price quotes can range from $20 to $100. Many full-service car washes offer quick glass repair. Quality does not matter to these repairers; they have graduated an extensive training regimen that lasted almost an entire hour. Certainly this training qualifies the technician to make repairs that might affect family safety. Drivers can entrust their $1000 windshield to one of these experts because they might save $10. Car wash glass repairs are just an up sell option to increase the bill. Drivers should avoid these repairs like the plague. A glass company should be a legitimate business with receipts, phone number, written warranties, and general accountability. Professional installers will help customers file insurance claims and answer any questions or concerns they may have.

Windshield replacement should match original equipment manufacturer standards. Heated windshields must be properly connected, or drivers lose the benefit of heated wipers. DIY repair kits are a complete waste of money. Kits often compromise a small imperfection, requiring complete replacement down the road. The kits do not work properly because most home repairs do not drill out the area, allowing the resin to penetrate. The resin the kits supply is inferior in quality, and a vacuum cannot be created at home to remove air from the break. DIY repairs are seldom successful, but might work in 5 percent of cases. Usually, these home repairs only cause the break to grow and make it impossible for trained technicians to repair. Most insurance companies are happy to pay for auto glass repairs from a reputable glass company because the repair saves money on glass replacement.

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