Little Known Facts About Windshield Replacement

The first thing to consider when choosing a windshield replacement service provider is whether they offer a guarantee on their work. A reliable auto glass firm should offer a lifetime warranty against leakage, manufacturers’ defects and workmanship for as long as you own your vehicle. Moreover, some of them will also provide you with free chip repairs if you replace your windshield.

Next, you might want to check if the auto glass technician you pick is certified. Ask around to see which is the most experienced service provider in your area, and make sure their staff is thoroughly trained on the special procedures that are required in the process of repairing and replacing auto glass. Additionally, you could ask them to tell you what kind of auto glass they use. It is crucial for you to get high quality auto glass parts, especially if you are paying a lot of money for the repair or replacement job. All the newly installed parts must meet the federal safety standards, and come from reputable manufacturers such as PPG, Carlite, Mopar, LOF or Guardian. Nonetheless, if you want to have a particular brand of auto glass installed, this should be possible as well.

In many cases, the drivers need to have their windshields replaced as soon as possible, since they cannot drive around if they are badly damaged. Hence, you should check the availability of the windshield replacement contractor you are hiring, as not all of them offer same day appointments. The duration of the auto glass replacement process is virtually the same, usually within an hour. However, this could take longer depending on the type of your car and the installation methods used in the past.

Other information that you should find out before choosing an auto glass company includes the waiting time that is required before you can drive your vehicle after the windshield replacement. In addition, ask them if they will reattach your rear view mirrors in the same place, or you have to do it yourself. Last but not least, if you have stickers on your windshield and you want them to be re-applied to your new one, this may be possible as well. Any trained technician is experienced with carefully removing the affixed stickers while saving the adhesive for further reapplication. Military stickers though make it more difficult, as the stickers are designed to break up when remo

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