Is the BMW 6 Series for You?

Are you ready to upgrade from your old BMW 1 Series or BMW 3 Series? Perhaps its time to consider the high-end, luxury BMW 6 Series?

Exterior Features

Both the BMW 1 Series and the BMW 3 series are both available in a number of variants and the BMW 6 Series M6 is available in coupe and convertible body styles which have not changed since 2010. While externally the M6 resembles a grand coupe the internals are all about high specification and high performance. The 2011 M6 has adaptive xenon headlights and a carbon-fibre roof among its notable design features.

Interior Features

The new model 2011 BMW M6 is a top class vehicle with loads of attractive options including leather upholstery, seat warming and full bluetooth compatibility. Other options: the exceptional iDrive interface that allows the driver to control everything from the stereo, to the integrated navigation system, to communications from a single console button; a Harman Kardon audio system; and available live traffic updates. Features which are standard on the newest BMW 6 Series variant include modern essential such as an iPod docking facility and keyless locks.

The front seating is spacious and comfortable with plenty of room for even the longest legs. The back seats fit two adults, but space is limited. Storage space is comparable with other vehicles in this class.


The all new 2011 M6 is built for on-the-road performance. The six speed manual gearbox is as smooth as silk, the brakes are strong and responsive which is good because this beauty accelerates like a rocket. There have been hundreds if not thousands of glowing reviews but among these there were a few reports complaining about the jarring seven speed automated gearbox.

If you are anxious to get into the 2011 M6, but are taken aback by the sky-high sticker price, consider BMW leasing as a more affordable option. You are likely to be pleasantly surprised (as I was) by the BMW leasing deals available from dealerships.

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