Insurance Policy Fine Print Impacts Windshield Replacement

The fine print in sections of an insurance policy proves the adage that the devil is in the details. Windshield replacement or auto glass repair are usually covered by comprehensive coverage, but not always. Car owners may find it necessary to purchase additional coverage to cover auto glass damage, or the will have to pay the cost for glass company repair or windshield replacement. Insurance policy premium price quotes do not always tell the whole story, and wary consumers should read the fine print to understand exactly what is covered.

Windshields are critical automotive protection against wind and weather, foreign debris, and passenger injury. Old automobiles had structural posts to support the roofs of vehicles, but today windshields perform an integral support function for the roof and as a base against which airbags deploy. An experienced and reliable glass company should handle windshield replacement to enhance vehicle safety. Some heated windshields can be tricky to install correctly, so auto glass price quotes do not always tell the whole tale either. Cheap installation could leave leaks and unfinished connections that impact the utility of the vehicle.

Some insurance carriers limit the amount of glass repair they will cover. If the policy chosen were a typical $500-deductible type, then the policy would usually pay nothing for windshield replacement, since most windshields only cost $100-$350 to replace. Some insurance companies do not consider auto glass repair a claim against the policy, and they will pay for glass without requiring the deductible. Four states-Kentucky, South Carolina, Florida and Massachusetts-require insurance companies to pay for auto glass damage without assessing a deductible. Repairs of small dings and scratches can be easily made at the shop or by mobile glass company technicians. Arresting glass damage quickly can extend the life of windshields and auto glass, so many carriers offer repair coverage without any deductible to encourage repairs. Price quotes for repairs generally run $20-$65.

The fine print of insurance policies can provide shocking surprises. Auto glass claims typically do not increase insurance rates unless caused by driver negligence. However, a policy might have restrictions on driving in certain regions or on some roads, such as unpaved dirt lanes. If insurance companies can prove that a vehicle was driven in one of these prohibited areas, then windshield replacement insurance becomes null and void. Reading the details of a policy can prepare drivers for any contingency. Glass company price quotes become very significant if the expenses must be paid for out of a driver’s pockets.

Windshield replacement insurance is very valuable because many sources can generate auto glass damage. Policyholders should call their insurance companies and ask if their policy covers glass, what annual dollar limitations may be in effect, and whether glass company repairs count as a claim against the deductible. If the policy does not cover glass, then find out how much it would cost to add the coverage. The price quotes can be analyzed online with auto glass calculators against the typical price of repairs or replacement to determine the viability of coverage.

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