How To Apply Car Window Tint

Applying window tint to your auto glass can help you in many different ways. Windshield tint provides privacy that you normally do not get with the windows of your car. You also receive protection from ultra violet rays. You can learn to apply tint to window yourself or have a professional do it for you. Either way, the steps outlined here will need to be followed by whoever works on your auto glass.

Whether you work on your windows or you let a professional do it, make sure that the person applying the windshield tint is prepared to be precise. With window tint, the smallest mistake can lead to a peeling or bubbling tint that does you little good. Whoever works on your auto glass should also know the laws regarding the windshield tint process. In some states, darkening your windows too much can get you into a legal trouble.

How To Apply Window Tint

• Get the right materials for this work. You will need some film for the windshield tint, a utility knife, razor blades, squeegees sponges, a bone tool, a blow dryer and a spray bottle filled with soapy water.

• Measure the windows on your car. Get exact measurements.

• Cut the window tint film in the shape of your car windows.

• Clean the window that you are going to work on first. Use the soapy water for this. If this does not get it clean enough, use some more powerful spray. However, make sure that you remove all traces of soap or cleanser so that the window is free of any substance that will interfere with the windshield tint process.

• Use one of your razors to remove any traces of soap, dirt or other debris.

• Now use the squeegee to on the same auto glass surface. The idea is to make the surface absolutely clean. Do not skip this part of the process as overly obsessive. Getting the windows clean is the most crucial part of the process.

• Place the window tint film gently on the auto glass. You should leave a margin about one-quarter inch wide at the top of the window.

• Push the windshield tint beneath the rubber lining at the edges of the window.

• Turn on the blow dryer and heat a portion of the window tint. Run the squeegee over the heated portion of auto glass. Press gently with the squeegee but firmly. You want to remove any air bubbles or moisture. There should not be anything between the windshield tint and the auto glass.

• Repeat these steps for all the windows of your car.

Tips And Warnings

• If you do not feel comfortable working with all these tools and being so precise with them let an auto glass professional work on your windows. If you do go to a pro, make sure that there is some kind of warranty. This work is expensive and you should not have to pay for window tint more than once.

• Review any state laws about windshield tint. Some states inflict very harsh monetary penalties for window tint that is too dark.

• Pay for quality work or do it well yourself. It is embarrassing to drive around with peeling, bubbling windshield tint.

DIY Kits

There are a number of DIY kits for window tint available on the Internet. You can also find brands for tinting house windows as well. You should only buy such kits that come with some sort of guarantee. Most kits will come with instructions for putting windshield tint on your auto glass. Some even have tutorial videos showing you how to apply window tint.

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