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What is the persons name of the insured? Some of the insurance providers will only take the car windshield replacement automobile glass claim from the primary owner entered on the policy.

What are the damages in addition to glass? If there were any other damages beside your auto glass (such as body damage) then you might be required to pay out of pocket for the detailed deductible as required by the policy.

What time did the automobile windshield loss occur? The insurance firm cannot pick the date of time of damage for the person. If you don’t know the relevant time when the damage occurred, state the exact time when you observed the damage for the first time or the day when the damage spread. Be positive that your coverage wasn’t expired on the date of damage. Do not forget, if you mention the date of auto windshield damage in the previous time which is longer than 6 months ago, the insurance coverage business might have to acquire the info concerning this which will take much more time and your auto glass insurance claim will be delayed.

What is your policy number? Many of the insurance coverage providers have different policy numbers for each car posted. State Farm is one of the many of those insurance companies.

Did any individual get hurt because of the damage?

Common queries asked during the windshield insurance claim procedure of an Arizona auto window replacement no fault insurance claim.

Did you file a auto glass windshield claim with your insurance provider before now? If you only speak to your insurance representative and there are no other damages there will not be a different claim filed and hence the reply is no.

In what state did the damages take place? Typically, the answer is in Arizona.

What piece of glass got damaged? (Windshield, Vent Glass, Door Glass, Back Glass, Quarter Glass).

What is the dimension of the damaged area on the automobile windshield? Is it greater than the size of a paper scrap? If the answer is most definitely, then your insurance carrier will request that you have the car windshield repaired versus replaced. It is not clear who will have the last say; you, Arizona Department of Transportation, insurance corporation, or the windshield replacement shop. Nonetheless, we firmly believe that you will always have the right to decide. (After all, you do pay for the insurance coverage)

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