Chipped and Cracked Auto Glass and its Repair or Replacement

Almost everyone knows the story. You are driving down the highway at a quick clip and the truck in front of you throws up a small stone, so small you do not even see it. Unfortunately you hear the frightening sound of it hitting your windshield and see the frustrating crack, or chip, it left behind. If you are like most people, you immediately wonder if you can get away with letting it go. You might be able to, but you can never be sure, and if you are wrong, you may end up paying for a full Windshield Replacement sometime down the road.

The general rule regarding chips and cracks and their repair is that if it encompasses an area smaller than a dollar bill, you may be able to let it slide, but there are risks involved. The windshield of a car endures a lot of stress and pressure with everyday driving. Extreme temperatures and the contrast between the warm and cold inside and outside of the car, the force of the wind against the glass while you are driving, and even the unavoidable bumps and rough road you will encounter put stress on your windshield. With these pressures, chips can become cracks, cracks can grow, and windshields can even rupture while you are driving. It is much wiser to tend to smaller chips and cracks before they become a threat to your safety.

There are windshield repair kits on the market, but it is best to look for a business that specializes in Auto Glass repair. They have the expertise and equipment to do an efficient and long lasting job. They can thoroughly remove any dirt and moisture in the damaged area, fill it with a specialized resin, harden it, and then polish the repair so it is barely discernible.

The question of insurance coverage for a crack or chip depends on several factors. It may be covered, but if you have a deductible, you may end up footing the bill. For example, if your deductible is $100, and the repair cost is $50, the cost will never reach the point where insurance coverage is included. There are some states that do not allow deductibles with windshield repair/replacement, and they rule that insurance companies must foot the entire bill, regardless. As windshield damage is usually not the fault of the driver, it will be considered a “no-fault” claim, and your premiums should not go up.

There are several considerations for choosing the Glass Company to repair your windshield. Avoid dealerships because they generally charge more for their repairs and parts. Make sure your choice is a licensed company that specializes in Auto Glass, and check with the Better Business Bureau for their rating. A chip or crack repair is not an exorbitant expense, and will buy peace of mind and safety for you and your loved ones.

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