Auto Glass Safety Measures

Consider the following scenario: you are happily cruising down the highway when, in an instant, a rock flies up from nowhere and hits your windshield, leaving an ugly mar on the new glass or worse, your windshield pops out like a jack-in-the-box and your car loses control. Several people have found themselves in such situations and some of them were lucky to leave with just bruises.

Windshields are usually the first to get damaged when there is a car accident and if they are not properly fitted, then passengers could be seriously injured. There comes a time when almost every car owner has to replace their windshield at one point and it is imperative that you replace it with perfectly fitting glass by contacting authorized dealers.

Auto Glass safety experts argue that most injuries resulting from windshield damage are preventable if the right standards are adhered to when replacing windshields. In as much as the windshield is an integral part of the motor vehicle, federal regulators do not have a way of finding out whether a car’s windshield comes from an authorized dealer.

You will find varying quality when shopping for auto glass and more so when it comes to applying sealants. In order for the glass to hold properly, the bonding agent has to be of good quality so that the glass does not fall out if pressure is placed upon it. Time and temperature are crucial when installing auto glass, and in order to get the work done right, you have to hire a professional Glass Company.

Apart from its usual job – preventing wind, rain, dust and debris from entering the car and keeping passengers from flying out of the car, windshields play an important part in deploying and leveling the airbags if the car suffers impact. In order for an airbag to protect passengers, it is designed to inflate up towards the thick glass so it can absorb any lethal force.

A car’s structural integrity is determined in large by glass, and to keep things in order, you have to ensure Windshield Replacement is done safely and professionally, adhering to the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

If you consider auto glass replacement a simple DIY kind of job, make sure you do not use foam tape or butyl tape as some people do. The rise in cracked, fissured and spider webbed auto glass of late can be attributed to negligence and poses a serious danger to passengers.

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