Auto Glass and Vehicle Safety

Many people do not understand the important function that auto glass plays in the protection of a vehicle’s occupants. Of course, it is clear that a windshield, and even the side windows, will help block wind and keep out rain and snow; however, the glass in your vehicle plays an even bigger role than passenger comfort. Today’s windshields are designed by auto manufacturers to be an integral part of the vehicle’s overall safety systems and it is imperative that it be replaced only by a glass company that uses glass designed for this purpose.

The front window or windshield is made from laminated safety glass. This type of glass is made by laminating a sheet of clear plastic film between two pieces of curved glass that has been specially treated to provide a safer type of auto glass. In the event of a collision, the windshield helps to ensure that the vehicle remains structurally intact. However, if the glass does break, it is designed to stay as a solid sheet with web-like shatters spreading across the glass. This enables the glass to stay intact and avoids dangerous shards of glass from causing even more serious passenger injuries.

If you ever need a windshield replacement, it is important that it be replaced with quality glass designed for use as an automobile windshield. Additionally, having the glass properly installed can play a crucial role in whether your windshield will stand up to the impact of a crash and deliver the safety and passenger protection that it was designed to provide.

Side windows, back windows and even sunroofs are made from specially treated glass that is designed to break into small pieces. This glass is tempered using a very specific heating and cooling process that helps to eliminate the stress points in the glass and accounts for its unique breaking pattern. The glass is not only stronger than glass that has not been tempered, but if it does break, it does not cause the sharp, jagged shards that can contribute to severe passenger injuries. The tempered glass breaks into small uniform pieces that have dull edges, making it much safer for vehicle occupants.

When you need any type of auto glass service, whether it is a windshield replacement or simply glass repair, it is important to only use a reputable glass company. After all, making sure your vehicle is equipped with quality safety glass that is properly installed is essential to passenger safety. Always use a professional glass installer for any type of glass service.

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